From a journalist who specialised in finding and making materials for teaching science. Free content no money changes hands here.

Roger Frost was at the ASE 2017 annual conference at the University of Reading. He looks forward to attending in January 2018 at the University of Liverpool.


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 Data logging ideas gallery

even the most basic data logging kit can do these activities... Data logging ideas...

One of Roger Frost's big projects was as an author of an animation library for Organic chemistry.
  Hardware for science

We used to comment on equipment for data logging
  Advice and consultancy

About the work I did in and around schools ... my picture CV ... is an archive of advice by Roger Frost, who has written much about using technology for teaching. He reviewed science resources, developed animation and led training days for science teachers.
Roger Frost has probed science resources since 1995 and irregularly updating this web >Who is Roger Frost?

Roger Frost - blogs

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